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Hood Scoop for FORD Mustang


Inspired by the more industrial and functional canards seen on the track, our Front  and Lateral Winglets convey a sense of stylish aerodynamic efficiency. For us, they conjure images os slicing and channeling the air as we carve our path to victory (or to the local "car geek" hangout)

Window Scoops for FORD Mustang
Window Scoops for FORD Mustang


Again taking inspiration from the track to create a sense of aerodynamic performance, our Rear Diffuser enhancement adds some nicely integrated surfaces, helps showcase the Borla (or factory) exhaust, and simply looks great 


In our humble opinion, every true sports car should embrace some kind of rear spoiler treatment, and Stinger is no exception. Looks kind of naked without one, right? We feel or Rear Deck Spoiler hits that elusive sweet spot  -- not too tiny and not overly aggresive. And there's nothing wrong with a little downforce to help keep those rear tires planted at speed

DRL for FORD F-150
Hood Scoop for FORD Mustang

Hood Vents

All stinger models include decorative factory hood trim, but we have pumped our replacements full of extra perceived functionality. Rising proudly from the hood surface, the driver enjoys a more aggresive visual from the cockpit. Sorry, they still don't create an actual  pass-through venting system for the engine compartment, but they sure look and feel more powerful that the factory version. 




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